Thursday, February 01, 2001

Minor Malady of Cacoethes Scribendi

Not surprisingly, a few friends have begun to express their utter bewilderment ( some directly and others privately - thru mutual via media ) as to why we have got onto this trip of OLTP ( On-line Time Pass). They are not willing to accept that, it's a mild manifestation of mid-life narcissism. There are no takers either for Sandip's freudian explanation that, it helps to keep his libido in check ( notwithstanding the falling TT levels - read post below ) - a drab, sanitised family website can never be a subsitute for clean, good sex - they assert. A less gross response: 'It helps me retain my sanity' begets even more questions. There has to be a deeper motive they are convinced. So, is he finally quitting? Is it a new job or another woman - they ask expecatantly. Another lot are complaining about the 'Bong' obsession in all the pieces. Sandip's threat that, next he is going to write about all the Tamilian Ammas trying to take over the controll of his life doesn't seem to deter them. The truth simply told is that, we've been bitten by a bug of cacoethes scribendi. Bear with us for a short while. We won't be in Kathmandu for ever and even this too shall come to pass.Till then keep your comments and suggestions flowing - tell us how you would like it : more raunchy, randy or plain good ol' sandy ?