Sunday, January 05, 2003

Bong Bungee Jumpers

we have been waiting for the survivor stories of 2002 in the year-end specials,
but the magazines and newspapers seem to have missed a minor snippet - hence, this hurried last minute dispatch.disproving the populists yet again and much to their own embarrassment, the ghoses have somehow managed to sail thru the year - slightly bruised but not wholly battered. emboldened by their 'kats' adventures, they've done the ultimate bungee jumping in returning to
kolkata, where they have a new address in town:

7A Sunny Towers
43 Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue ( formerly Gariahat Road )
opp Ballygunj Post Office, next to Sunny Park / CCFC Club
Kolkata 700 019

tho' sg is happy at finally having shed ( if only in part ) his suffocatingly
staid image of being a 'one company - one woman man' - this is, perhaps, the worst example of swinging on the rebound. after trying hard to become an 'NRI' ( Hindustan Leaver ) - he had to literally come home to roost. for those of you who had stopped watching this space ( for good reason ) or
dropped out of circulation ( for no fault of ours ) - he now works for the ABP
group - looking after their Businessworld publication. nina is trying to pick up her forgotten accountancy by helping dad in his practice. jaya - of course - has the busiest schedule of the three - comes home for periodic inspection of the house, when she finds time from her numerous engagements with grand-parents, cousins and friends.

sg claims the status of being 'occasionally married' ( such as Christmas and
New Year's Eve ) - since he operates mostly out dilli, where the magazine is published. but, nina is not complaining about this arrangement of what is called 'spatial' matrimony ( space well earned after 17 years of wed-lock). sure you are having a ball in the new year. here's wishing you a great
2003 - full of health, happiness and every success. have fun but
take care and remember us - while you do.

loads of love to all of you,


nina, sandip & jaya

ps: this year we ave received e-greetings from a number of friends who have
explained at length - why they chose electronic medium over the traditional cards. some for saving forests, others for more worthy causes ( contributing the cost of the cards to charity etc). in our case - rest assured it's nothing but sheer no-nonsense inefficiency and shameless laziness. trust you'll excuse us in the spirit of the new year.