Sunday, December 06, 2009


My mother - Jharna - passed away early last Friday morning (4th Dec) after a brief 5 day illness. She was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) the previous Saturday - 28th Nov - which, incidentally, was their 50th Wedding Anniversary. She had no prior symptoms or indication. It would seem like, she was waiting for that day before declaring the close of her innings. I wouldn't know if it was out of sheer prescience that she had instructed us long ago not to plan any anniversary celebrations for them - saying that she'd rather use the money for some good cause later. She was all of 68.

By the grace of God, she didn't suffer too much and was lucid till the very end.Tho' in distress from a pulmonary infection that had set in, she was aware of every minute detail, talking (giving my father and Nina instructions on minor issues of the house-hold) and sometimes even joking with the doctors, monks (Swamis) and nuns (Mataji-s) of RKM who came to see her. She passed away in her sleep at 0100 AM. She had been admitted on Monday (30th) at the Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan (Shishu Mangal) on Lansdowne Road, Calcutta - a place of her own choosing.

Those of you - whose lives she had touched, would know that she wouldn't have liked to be mourned in her death. But, remembered for the happy times she shared with all of us.

For us life has changed permanently. But, I hope and pray that, she enjoys the same sense of peace and tranquility that was so characteristic of her, wherever she may find her abode of rest.

More on her....some other day....