Friday, January 26, 2001

Chinese Dinner & Naturopathy

Dinner was at the Chinese Restaurant of the Everest at the invitation of the Ghais ( Ila and Anil ). The food was not exceptional - tho' it was a special menu for the Chinese New Year created by a new Chef flown in from China. Sandip was feeling a bit down because of the cold and slight temperature - but, felt much better after generous doses of the hot-lemon-honey-ginger drink and loads of Jasmine Tea. The Wadhwas ( Shalini & Rakesh ) were also there with some other guests - this is the 3rd time during the day we bumped into each other. Anil is planning to follow Rakesh's eg and go for a naturopathy treatment to the Jindals in Bangalore. May be we should try it too - Ameet and Madhavi ( Harianis ) were full of praise for the programme - which seem to have done them a world of good.